The Great Switcheroo: Keeping Busy During a Rough Patch

[Update: I finally got my a$$ in gear and submitted my weekly “Confessions” to Jells, this week I dish about “The Day We Both Got Hurt, and Then IKEA B!%#H Slapped Us” – check it yo, there’s a nerd quiz in it AND a superhero. Hugs!!]

Welcome to Thursday y’all!! Did you guys know it was Thursday? Cuz I totally did NOT know it was Thursday. Jell-Jell remembered though, and was a champ for getting her post to me. I utterly failed this week, and have promised to get it to her around dinner time. See? I am so not as proactive and organized as she claims I am, she’s just being nice – because she’s lovely like that. She’s an incredibly positive, warm, and wonderful person and has done wonders surviving this rough patch when most people would be screaming and throwing elbows at Starbucks. Send her mental hugs y’all, she won’t ask for them, but she totally needs them ❤ And Jells? I promise to stick around until we’re old and gray, and you’re way sick of my A.D.D. and bad puns XOXO

You know what’s so nice?  Hanging with friends.  You know what’s dumb-dumb?  When Kombucha gets gross.

I’ve had a rough winter.  I mourned the anniversary of a friend’s death.  And I found out that another friend was murdered on New Year’s Day.  I have had it up to here with people dying on me.  So, Jamie?  You’re not allowed to die.  That goes for all my friends and family.  Cut it out.

I also had to leave my job – well, it left me.  And my Hubs.  Winter is the sh-t time for landscape design/build because people want to save their money on presents for their fam instead of on their yard.  I get it, I really do.  But Hubs and I had to jump ship to be able to pay for things like our house and food.  And the wee child.  It was scary to start our own business, but I think it will be great.  That’s the positive me trying to creep back out.  I am ready to do things to distract me from all the crap that’s piled on my heart.  I want a shiny new heart that I can show off on dates.  I want to be able to introduce my newly polished heart to my friends and family.  So maybe not a new heart, but a rebuilt heart.  A hot-rod heart.  Jamie knows what I’m talking about with all of this heart business.  Hers had a hole in it and now’s she’s all fixed up.  I need to be fixed up, metaphorically speaking.

So last night, I was bottling Kombucha.  It’s a fermented tea.  I write about it every 2 weeks on my blog under “I write about this stuff” and then “Kombucha Adventures.”  I get the ol’ knife gut if I don’t drink this stuff.  It has active cultures.  In other words, it helps me poo.  Being regular helps me not feel like I have a knife hanging out of my gut.  I kind of got overwhelmed with my Kombucha operation since starting a third jar of brew.  I was supposed to stagger bottling them every week so I’d always have a supply of bottles- not wait a month and do it all at once.  So I overbrewed one of the jars.  It was pretty much gross.  And a sad waste.  So hopefully I’ll be better and stick to every two weeks.  So right now I’m not sure if Black Cherry is a gross choice of flavor for a batch, or if the SCOBY over fermented the tea.  Something is barfs though.

The tea is distributed and needs to be topped off with juice for flavor. Way delicious.

While bottling, I got a call from my friend, SD.  She was out in the world and was having trouble reaching the people she was supposed to meet for a drink.  It was partly “I need to be on the phone because I’m alone in a bar” as well as “here’s a perfect time to make sure jells hasn’t lost her marbles.”  I took it upon myself to solve both our problems – and invited myself out to meet her for a drink so she wasn’t alone anymore.  We are equally bad at calling to make plans with friends as well as awkward in public situations.  So being out together is the best thing ever.  EB was teething last night so Hubs bit the bullet and spent the night rocking her while I was having a beer.  I appreciate you, Hubs.  I really do.

While at the Red House, we had a mini photo shoot while telling stories.  This was before my haircut today.  And I finally let my growing-out bangs out of the clip.  I need a change.  I’ll publish a haircut post on my blog later if you are dying to know how it turned out.

Sass squared. This is my gal, SD. Hearts to the max.

Last night was wonderful and I heard someone else’s problems and felt like a good friend. And I got to spill some of my slop and felt a little better from that.  I felt refreshed when I got home.  I always feel so full of happiness when I see my friends.  They are kind enough to share some of their energy with me and I absorb enough to feel like a normie again.  I’m getting there.  Do I look like it?

I fake it 'till I make it. Or as Jamie says that Scarlet O'Hara says, "Well, I'll just think about tha-at tomorrah."

So this is me having fun instead of being sad.  I’ll get there friends.  Not to worry.


jell jell


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8 Responses to The Great Switcheroo: Keeping Busy During a Rough Patch

  1. JamieRene says:

    I know it’s kinda crap that I’m your first comment Jells, but I NEED to see your hair!! I MUST!! ❤

  2. The transition’s going to be rough, however, have great friends around really help. Jesus, it helps you through anything and everything. You know, when you’re going through a lot, it’s really easy to forget that you have people around you that love you to death and would be there with you through anything. Even when you’ve lost your marbles (See: December 2011 for me, no, but seriously, I had really lost my fucking marbles for a bit there), they’re there through it all. It’s really nice to know that they will be, too. Jells, you got this, don’t you worry.

    Bt-dubs, You know what’s barfs? The Kombucha is, dude. You didn’t do anything wrong, that shiz is just nasty, brah. Drop that shit. And pick- up coffee. And cigarettes. Should I be condoning cigarette smoking? Probably not. However, you’ll have no issue defecating then, my friend.

    • Thanks, Jam. I appreciate that I’m not the only one going slightly coo-coo. And I heart Kombucha most of the time, especially when I brew it myself. I put a lot more juicy goodness in that the Synergy drinks from the store. You’ll have to try one of mine and give me your final opinion. And no cigarettes! I’m very self-conscious of my skin and teefs. I had no idea they helped with the poops, though. Very interesting!

  3. moinla says:

    Really wish some things hadn’t been piled on your sagging shoulders right now BUT that’s the reality. Another reality is the fact that you are loved…highs/lows, thick/thin, good/bad…you will always be loved.

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