Old School Rescuers, Circa ’77 Yo

I loved this movie as a kid!! Holy craps!! And I totally just stumbled across it on TV (Yes. I am absolutely watching Nick Jr. On a Tuesday. In the middle of the day. In my pajamas. I had heart surgery people, and they never gave me ice cream when I was 12 and had my tonsils out. Life is about balance y’all.)

First of all, how is this movie only an hour and a half long? It took like a whole day to watch when I was 4. And I was so completely terrified of the orange-haired bitch, and her demented crocodile pets, and her big purple coat. I bet she smells like whiskey and stale beer. Nasties.

I was even more horribly afraid of dirt holes, and being lowered into them by creaky buckets, and orange-headed persons stealing my teddy bear. Seriously? Is this even appropriate for children? Watching it again, I still feel way nervous and pissed at that lady. Also, I love the complete ridiculousness of mice, dragonflies, and seagulls moving quickly enough to rescue a child from a deep-ass hole in a cave before the tide comes in. And also that there’s a honkin’ diamond in there. DISNEY IS AMAZEBALLS.


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2 Responses to Old School Rescuers, Circa ’77 Yo

  1. We need to put it on for EB when we come up there next week!

  2. JamieRene says:

    ABSOLUTAMENTE!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Also, Fraggle Rock is now totally on Instant Netflix =D

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