Listography: Top Photos of 2011

UPDATED: 01/03/11 1:31pm

I’ve been wanting to do one of these for ages. My cousin Jells at I’ll Sleep When They’re Grown Blog frequently rocks out Kate Takes 5‘s challenges, and I’m super stoked to finally find one that I can condense my thoughts well enough to participate in!! I visited Kate’s post, and Jell-Jell’s, and both 50% of them broke the 5 pic rule (Kate with 6 with 5 and not 6 because she’s a lady who follows her own rules and I’m a lady who doesn’t read carefully, and Jells with 10 and a video) so I’m joining the rebel alliance (of one, that has now become 2 non-direction following ladies) and posting my Top 11!! (I was going to neener-neener them both by managing to do 5 only, but it really is hard y’all!!)

And when you’re done checking out my uber-professional photo art, head on over to Kate’s Listography Linky – you can add your own and see all the other “Top’s” of the year!!

Dad's bday in January - that' s him with my Momma - THIS is what I want after 33 years of marriage. For reals.

WimDog & Izzles. Part dog - part Brontosaurus. All heart.

My sister through my eyes. Hands down the greatest person I have ever known.

Benjamin's 1st ComiCon EVER - and our first one together. LOVE in total nerd-dom.

What I was doing most of the last quarter of 2011...

What I was doing when I wasn't doing that.

The first time I saw what Benjamin would look like as a father, he was playing with his nephew... and my heart completely exploded

My nephew. The official center of my universe. This kid enchants me every moment I'm within a 5 mile radius of him. My sister makes excellent humans. They're freakin' adorable.


...I would not have made it through this year without each of these women. I love them with everything I have.

You are looking at love. At strength. At happiness. At companionship. At indomitable spirit. You are looking at my future. Happy 2012 my friends =D


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9 Responses to Listography: Top Photos of 2011

  1. It’s SO HARD, right? How can you choose just 5 when there are often 3 good pics in one month! Love them; you’ve had such a year. X to the O.

    • JamieRene says:

      Lolz, I was so relieved when I saw that neither you nor Kate had 5!! So I just rolled with it =P X’s & O’s right back atchya!! It’s been a honkin’ big year for us both yo!!

  2. mummasays says:

    Love your list and the way you write, beautiful! 🙂

  3. A really moving set of pics. Thanks for sharing and happy new year x

  4. Kate Takes 5 says:

    Lovely pics – esp. of your sister although she’ll probably kill you for putting it up! For the record I had 5 – yes 5 – photos in my post so don’t tar me with you and Jells’ cheating brush!! Thanks for taking part all the same though – good to have you on board 🙂

    • JamieRene says:

      Holy Cats!! You are so right!! I read “6” and then did no further counting LOL – I shall not cast any further tar at you with the cheating brush!! Hahahaha!! This was so much fun, and very cathartic to review my year in such a way. I thank you for that, and for stopping by with your kind comments =D Can’t wait to try my hand at the next Listography, and I look forward to seeing the adventures of your adorable kiddos in 2012!!

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