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Emergency Sugary Snacks: Open in the event of stress-face

I’ve been exercising. And eating lots of protein. And not eating cupcakes, AT ALL (this goes against my very nature). Thus, I has a sad – and some MAJOR sugar cravings. This has been partially alleviated by Jells and the amazing … Continue reading

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I got up at 4:30am this morning to go to work. Erm…In case you missed it, IT’S SATURDAY. Way harsh. But Daddy’s really sick you guys – he’s got a bronchial infection and an abscessed tooth. Well, had an abscessed tooth … Continue reading

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The Great Switcheroo: My brain’s playing tricks on me…

It’s time for the switcheroo!! What are you guys talking about?? Today is TOTALLY Thursday. So Jells is preggs, in case you missed it, and I am STOKED to have a pregnancy-related post to share with y’all. I have major … Continue reading

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Tales From the Weird Kid: “You can’t, my dog’s dead…”

I have an….interesting…sense of humor. And evidently I have since I was about three years old. I started talking when I was one. In complete sentences. Just out of the blue – BAM – I’m talkin’. I wish I could … Continue reading

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My new favorite thing!! Adopt A Shark!!

Click this ->  Wildlife Adoption and Gift Center: Adopt a Shark. They’ll give you a SHARK!! What the shit!?! Just when I think life can’t get any more awesome, I get an offer to adopt a shark!! YES PLEASE!! I’ll … Continue reading

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Proof of what they’ve been saying!! Oh nooooosss!!

So I had a recent post where some of the ladies closest to me attested to my slight inability to follow a train of thought for more than, oh say…3 seconds? Well – I was facebookin’ with another BFF (Miss … Continue reading

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Listography: Top 5 Biscuits

This week’s listography from Kate Takes 5 is your top 5 biscuits!! (Although here across the pond, we call them cookies, and usually have them with milk rather than tea) – and a cookie list is SO something I’m on … Continue reading

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