The Great Switcheroo: A Review of Little Tikes Picnic ‘n’ Play Playhouse. Because putting it together was the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.

You’d think making tiny houses would be easier than making real houses.  NOT true.
Welcome to Thursday’s Great Switcheroo my friends!! Jell Jell’s got a doozy for us this week!! I’m super-proud of her and her hubs for not bashing this thing in with hammers. Way to stick to your guns guys. That looks like one happy toddler. I doff my cap to you sir and madam, the conquering heroes!! (Sorry, building a playhouse had put me in the mind of castles and princesses…I may talk like this for the rest of the day) Don’t forget you guys, it’s “Confessions” day at I’ll Sleep When They’re Grown Blog and I’ve confessed that Christmas was amazeballs. And did you know?? I’ll Sleep When They’re Grown has a Facebook page. You should like it. Because it’s likable. Happy Reading!!

EB got some amazing presents this year from some really generous people.  Including the Little Tikes Picnic ‘n’ Play Playhouse from Granny.  I got to pick it out because I found a super deal from Wal-mart (side note: I’m not a fan of Wal-mart usually because I know how they keep the prices low and I don’t like it).  I looked at all the prices and Toy’s R Us had the same price, but there was a huge shipping fee.  Sears for some reason had twice the list price.  So, Wal-mart it was, because they just had it delivered to a store near me.  Done and done.

Playhouse Cubism.

I thought I could just go and pick it up in my car.  I just happened to send Hubs in the work truck “just in case.”  Um.  The boxes were HUGE.  We saved the assemblage for when we got back from vacationing with my in-laws in the hill country of Texas for Christmas.

On second thought, let's not go to Camelot. It is a silly place.

Let me just say this about building things.  I am a designer.  I got my master’s in landscape architecture.  Hubs got his bachelor’s in architecture.  My dad is a carpenter.  We know a thing or two about a thing or two.  In fact, in real life, Hubs and I work together – I design the thing and he builds it, with the occasional helping hand by me (but it’s mostly him doing the hard work.  He’s so strong and dreamy…)  So when I say that this playhouse was stupid, trust me on this.  Someone who knows nothing about building things a) drew the instructions and 2) hates people enough to force them to jam things in holes that don’t fit (insert another joke here.  That’s so meta.)

Can you believe it says to shove this piece in there?

My mom aka Granny was watching EB so Hubs and I could put this wonderland together.  I knew it would blow EB’s mind once the pieces stayed jammed together, so her smiling face is what pulled us through.  Especially since she was opening the front door and sliding down the side while we were doing the jamming.  Seriously.  Jamming.  That’s what the instructions indicated.  It said to put soap on it and push the pieces together.  Because they don’t fit otherwise.  Stupid.

Someday lass, all this will be yours...

And then once the complicated pieces are together, instead of putting parts together in an order that makes sense, you’re supposed to get inside the thing to put on the roof.  It’s TINY.  I was chosen for the task.  At least my helper was inside pointing out what I could do differently.

And we're drilling people, we're drilling!!

If I ever design a playhouse, you best believe I’m going to make sure that the pieces will fit together, that the instructions make sense, and that you put it together in the right order.  This is hereby my letter to Little Tikes that they have a flawed system and should do something about it.  If they pay me, I will fix it for them.  You know, just in case they want someone who’s actually put it together to remedy the situation.

"The sun'll come out...tomorrow...when my Momma sticks it to the Little Tykes Corp...come what maaaaayyyy"

The end of this story is that I LOVE it and EB LOVES it.  I think Hubs is still a little mad at it, but he knows EB is in heaven.  I am pleased that it’s a house + slide all in one.  Plus it has built-in chairs and table (albeit small ones), so she can go from snack to sliding out the side of the house.  Inside and outside and blended and movable.  Modular is the best rule in life.  So if you’re going to buy this thing, go get it off of Craigslist, already built, and save yourself the troubs.  You’re welcome.

EB drinkin' at the bar on the outside patio.


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5 Responses to The Great Switcheroo: A Review of Little Tikes Picnic ‘n’ Play Playhouse. Because putting it together was the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.

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  2. We played in it today because the weather was so niiiiiice.

  3. JamieRene says:

    My spam sends me into fits of giggles. It’s kind of a favorite thing =P

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