Now Presenting: What Benjamin Gave Me for Christmas!! =D

PRESENTS!! Benjamin is such a good wrapper!!

Merry Christmas everyone!! We had our big present extravaganza, and I know you’ve all been filled with nerve-trembling suspense waiting to find out what the hell is in my presents!! WELL THE MOMENT HAS ARRIVED Y’ALL!! IT’S CHRISTMAS AT CASA BENJI/JAMIE!!

How insane is the nipple-toe on Izzy's stocking?? I swear it was supposed to be adorable, not dirty

We started the morning with the pups, and their infamous stockings!! For a recap on the creation of these beauties, go here. The puppies have excellent sniffers, so Wim and Izzy were hovering around the stockings before Benjamin and I even had time to pee and get coffee. Their Daddy did good though, and hung the stockings up high so they had to wait!! Santa brought them ginormous bags of rawhide bones you guys!! Their favoritist of faves!! (The upside of this miraculous gift is quiet pups while we open our presents).

We started with stockings, and Benjamin got to open his first. He’s the one that started the giant stocking theme 3 years ago btw, but his is store bought – I bet I could accidentally crochet him a bigger one. I filled his stocking with goodies like car care supplies, peanut butter bars, devil’s food cookies, and at the very bottom….a brand spankin’ new wallet made of sting-ray which is the only material Benjamin can’t annihilate within a matter of months (he’s had a wallet like this for 5 years and just now needs a new one, so it’s scientifically proven friends). I kept it hidden for 4 months!! So much fun to watch him open!!

I got a WALLET!!


My stocking contained chocolate covered marshmallow goo, mini candy canes, and a new lemon juicer!! AND DINOSAURS Y’ALL!! I get to grow them!! (they’re actually shrimps that have been around since Jurassic, they grow and live for 20 days before they dry up) Aaaaaannnnd….drum roll please…..Benjamin gave me a MICROSCOPE SO I CAN EXAMINE MY DINOSAURS AFTER THEY TIME OUT!!  YAAAAAAYYYYYY!!

I'm making my "holy crap!!" face, for those who don't know

Benjamin got to open his “big” prezzies from me next. I had his gifts made for him. He got a bone pick for his bass guitar (I researched this myself! It gives the instrument the most precise sound possible) AND he got a leather, hand-tooled bass strap hand-embroidered with Scottish dragons – made to his exact dimensions so his back won’t hurt when playing for long periods. It’s so pretty it made me cry!! And I got an “Oh baaaaaaabe WHOA” from Benjamin when he opened it, which is the Benji equivalent of me crying =D

Handsomest man EVER - I am so crushin' on him ❤

This is actually me opening Harry Potter Legos, cuz we didn't get a pic of me opening the projector. But I promise, it's the SAME FACE.

And finally – HE GOT ME MY PLANETARIUM PROJECTOR!! The dirty sneak lied to me when I guessed it!! (Which I LOVE, I didn’t really want to know, it’s more fun to giggle when you realize you were lied to about your presents) It’s amazing, you can set any date from past or present and see what the night sky looked like, AND Benjamin got me a guide to the night sky to go with it!! I am setting this shit up in the bedroom y’all it’s gonna be AMA-ZA-ZING!!

So here’s the much anticipated break-down of the hints:

1. Denzel Washington (didn’t have anything to do with anything- he was confusing me)

2. More pets (temporarily) were my dinosaurs!!

3. Black (Pepper) Spear(mint) (Candy)mountain crutches=canes >> Candy Canes!!

4. New hugger = my lemon juicer

5. Mr. Reynold’s Pets’ Reserves (I got Burt’s Bees Chapstick = Burt Reynolds Bees, etc.)

6. Alien Examination = My microscope

7. When the lights go out….IT’S PLANETARIUM TIME!!



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