Christmas Numero Uno: Benjamin’s Fam =D

Benji's Family Tree. They're better about color themes than I am =)

With two families surrounding Benjamin and myself, we make time to be with both sides of the family over the holidays. We alternate Christmas Day each year (this year it’s my family’s turn for Christmas Day) and for the family that snagged Thanksgiving Day earlier in the year – well, they get our undivided attention on Christmas Eve!!

Christmas Sausage. Vichy-something maybe?

SO – this being Christmas Eve, we went on over to Benjamin’s Grandma’s house to be with her, Grandpa David, Ben’s dad and mom, Ben’s Uncle Kenny, Aunt Shelley and their three kiddos. We FEASTED you guys – it was AMAZING. Seriously, check out this list of goodies: lamb, ham, cheesy potatoes, broccoli casserole, creamed spinach, yeast rolls and fresh fruit. It was so delicious. I should’ve worn stretchier pants.

We had such a good time watching the littlest kiddo run around the house shouting for everyone to please stop talking, and open PRESENTS!! So after all us boring grown ups finally got tuckered out discussing the mundane crap like politics, state of the world, football, etc. – we finally manned up and headed to the living room to get to the good stuff.

First off – Grandma & David opened a giant box that was filled to the top with frozen sausage, of which we all got to take some home. Evidently it’s made of veal and pork and is supposed to be absolutely INCREDIBLE. I asked Aunt Shelley five times what it was called so I wouldn’t forget…but I forgot, so it’s German y’all, that’s all I can remember. It’s German, and you boil it for 6 minutes, and it tastes good with everything.

Next I found out that Grandma was my Secret Santa (we draw names around here friends, we’re not made of money you know =P) AND SHE GOT ME THE FINAL THREE HARRY POTTER MOVIES THAT I’VE BEEN WANTING FOREVER AND NOW I HAVE ALL OF THEM AND I AM GOING TO DRIVE BEN INSANE WATCHING THEM OVER AND OVER AGAIN!! So exciting, honestly. He’ll learn to love it.

Half Blood Prince & Hallows Parts 1 and 2 - WOOT!! WOOT!!

And between the two of us Benjamin and I landed a couple gift cards. Mine’s Visa so it can be used anywhere, and Benjamin got one for eBay so of course he’s gonna get music stuff. Duh.

Grandma's feisty. And a smokin' biker chick. Grandpa David <3's her SO MUCH.

My favorite presents that were opened though were the ones that Grandma and David gave each other. She bought him a blingin’ gold watch that’s an eco-start so it never needs a battery – and he got her a kick ass leather Harley jacket!! Embroidered with glow-in-the-dark Harley stuff on the back. You’re only as old as you feel people, you’re only as old as you feel.

Nonetheless, we’re headed over to my family’s house mañana loaded up with cookies, bread, pretzel crackers, and all measure of goodies. It’s gonna be FABULOUS. And I’ve learned my lesson with today’s magnificent dinner, so tomorrow, I go in PJ’s. And I’m bringing a pillow. Merry Christmas my friends!!


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