Benjamin gave me a list of hints! What do you think I got for Christmas??

Meet the Benji/Jamie Family Christmas Tree Y'all

Kayso, Benjamin gave me a hints list and said I would NEVER guess what he’d gotten me for Christmas!! SO what do you guys think? Can you guess?? There are two presents, and each of these hints could apply to either or both of them. I do know one of them came from the housewares department at Target. Also, one gift is in a large bag with tissue paper that measures approximately 24″ tall by 14″ wide. The second gift is a wrapped box about 12″ square. We set a budget for “for fun” gifts of $60, but we both went approximately $10 over that (we’re combo-ing the rest of our Xmas cash to get a new couch YAAAAAAYYYY)

My presents are in here!! What is it?!? I NEED TO KNOW!!

Here’s our list of hints!!

  • Denzel Washington
  • More Pets (temporarily)
  • Black Spear Mountain Crutches
  • New Hugger
  • Mr. Reynold’s Pets Reserves
  • Building Blocks of Plagiarism
  • Alien Examination
  • When the Lights Go Out

I’ll post Christmas Day and we’ll see who got the closest!! Honestly, I may have to do a prize if anyone guesses spot-on because I think Benjamin’s hints are confusing as all hell =P

Oh, and this is important: He says there’s no Stand Mixer, Coffee Grinder, or Planetarium Projector (I already guessed these). I hope all of you are craftier intelligence-wise than I am, cuz I’m counting on you guys!!


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5 Responses to Benjamin gave me a list of hints! What do you think I got for Christmas??

  1. Darlin' says:

    He’s so much like your Dad that he probably just threw something out there that doesn’t have anything to do with anything!!! AND don’t forget- sometimes the package can be way lots bigger than what is inside!!!! I wouldn’t worry myself – just be excited and wait!!!

  2. I have NO idea what those clues would indicate! Temporary pets?? New Hugger? I think one of the presents is a game of Operation. And the other is Jenga. Neither of which would add up to $70. Nor would they be particularly romantic!

    • JamieRene says:

      Hmmmm interesting!! Operation maybe, it would certainly fit in the green bag. Jenga we’ve already got, so I don’t think that one. And you’re right, not very romantic. Unless I had to play Operation to get smaller, more romantic presents out of the plastic dead guy. Which would be slightly twisted, but fun =P The hints confused the crap out of me too, I think my mom’s onto something with the “outlier” theory. He’s trying to throw me off the scent with a few weirdo clues, like the extra info they put in word problems to jack with your brain. Just a few more hours and I’ll know what’s in those pretty wrappings, it’s giving me insomnia!!

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