I think Thursday just gave me a hug…

It’s Thursday, why are Thursdays always so weird?? My day started with me seeing one thing that made me go, “Huh! I’ve gotta put that on Facebook later, that was crazy” and then stuff KEPT HAPPENING. So I’m comboing into a post for you guys – cuz today was hilarious.

Part 1: On Loop 12 in Irving I saw a donked-out pick-up, immediately followed by another truck with chrome testes hanging from the trailer hitch. Ugh. Welcome to Texas y’all =P

It looked almost exactly like this one, except with WAY higher suspension. Just ridonkulous.

Oh holy crap. Never knew until this very moment, these are actually called TruckNutz. Nasties.

Part 2: Convo with Daddy at work ~

Daddy: I lost my medicine bottle

Jamie: Okay…

Daddy: It had my tooth in it

Jamie: What!?!

Daddy: Well I didn’t want to lose it

Jamie: Well that will teach you not to put all your teeth in one basket

Daddy: Arrrrrg, yeah, I’ll go chew on that thought for awhile

(Puns are my LIFE) =P

There's a tooth in there somewhere!!

You know you remember. We hearted you in The Hangover Ed Helms!!

Part 3: Second Convo with Daddy at Work ~

Daddy: You smell nice

Jamie: Joe gave me a piece of gum, do I smell like tropical fruit?

Daddy: No, like something perfumey

Jamie: Oh! Duh Daddy, that’s just soap

Daddy: Ah, no wonder I didn’t recognize it

Jamie: Eew Dad, grody

It was like this. Only opposite. Because I used the soap.

Part 4: Taking Grandma to the Liquor Store

Grandma: Your mother doesn’t know I’m buying the Bailey’s

Jamie: Lemme guess, you guys already have all the other stuff to make chocolate martinis??

Grandma: Well…yeah, but that’s not what I meant. I was thinking we could get a pretty tray, and put the bottle of Bailey’s in the middle, and put little glasses around it for anyone who might want to sample

Jamie: Grandma! You want to do shots of Bailey’s on Christmas!?!

Grandma: Yep

Jamie: Holy Shit!


Ours had a bow on it. For Christmas. Because nothing says Christmas like a bottle of booze.

This is how I'm envisioning Grandma's vision of "pretty shot tray".

Part 5: I went to Kroger and gave the Salvation Army a dollar on my way out and they gave me Now’n’Laters!!

Purple and Red classic all the way!! Screw the tropical spin-off. I say whatevs.

Part 6: I hypothesized with my Grandma about how we could convince Braum’s to build a new location next door to the liquor store so we didn’t have to drive across town to get egg nog to go with our whiskey. We discussed this for 15 minutes before Grandma made us stop because she said we sounded like lushes. She said this after she’d spent $139 at the liquor store. She said this after I tried to make her feel better about the $139 by saying she only goes to the liquor store 2-3 times a year, and after she responded “well maybe four times a year because the gin keeps running out”. O.M.G.

I think Captain Jack Sparrow would have a crush on my Grandma ❤

Part 7: Denton now has a Mongolian Grill that DELIVERS!! And it is DELICIOUS!!

Oh thank you for coming to my house, you sweet wonderful people ❤


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6 Responses to I think Thursday just gave me a hug…

  1. Delma says:

    I love Grandma!

  2. Darlin' says:

    This ranks right up there with a good sitcom!!!

    • JamieRene says:

      LOLz, like Daddy always says, “why would you read fiction?” Except I do. Read fiction I mean. All the time. Because I love it. But I see what he’s getting at =P

  3. Aunt Grandma loves shots and I love her for it.
    I hate the truck testes and see them all the time. Boo.
    In my mind, I’m as funny as Sweet Dee but I don’t think I’m actually anywhere near as close. She’s my favorite, especially when she dances like the inflatable car lot man.

  4. JamieRene says:

    Tomorrow is shot day according to Grandma’s calendar, it’s gonna be crunk Christmas =P
    TruckNutz are totally grody. Is this just a Texas thing??
    What!?! She does the wild armed inflatable guy thing????? Which episode??? I need to see it SO BADLY
    BTW’s, I totally found the Sunny pic by Googling “Dirty Dee” looking for Pootie Tang references, and this popped up instead and totally cracked me up!!

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