Absenteeism Due to Awesome Birthday Weekend

This is what my weekend looked like, almost the WHOLE time. I know I’m a little behind on updates, but I promise some amazingness is coming your way. Don’t forget about the Great Switcheroo on Thursday either. There’s gonna be a smidge of fabulousness from Jell Jell, and you’ll have to check I’ll Sleep When They’re Grown Blog for a story from me-myself as well!!

Meet my NY BFF (I have 3 TX BFFs too = 4 total). Our awesomeness is making her right eye scrunch up like that.



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2 Responses to Absenteeism Due to Awesome Birthday Weekend

  1. Happy birthday night! Wish I could give you a hug tomorrow! Well, and tonight. Both. Dec. 21 is the trifecta of bdays for our fam (your cousin and my neice) and I kind of need a teleporter for all the hugs I need to dole out. Wait, is teleporter not a word?? Spell check acts like it’s not but I don’t believe it.

    • JamieRene says:

      Teleporter is totally a word. And my spell check is being an ignoramus tambien. It also doesn’t speak Spanish. Thanks for the birthday hug!! And Haps Bday to your niece!! I’ll be sending Facebook birthday hugs to my cousin because I failed to mail his card in a timely manner, thus the FB birthday wishes will also alert him to it’s belatedness =P And hugs back to you just cuz I miss ya!!

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