Wells Fargo: Bankloads of funny (I heart your tellers)

House Moat. For solicitors.

On what could have been such a normal, boring trip to the world of banking…

Bank Guy: So how’d you get into the fence business?
Me: Grew up in it
Bank Guy: What all do you sell?
Me: Wood, steel fence posts, ya know
Bank Guy: Chain link? Razor wire?
Me: Chain link yes, but razor wire frightens me, so no
Bank Guy: I’m not a super big fan either, I don’t really want my house to look like a prison, ya know, unless I have a castle
Me: Dude, castle? Screw razor wire, you need a moat!
Bank Guy: I have always wanted a moat
Me: …with alligators…
Bank Guy: …for vacuum salesmen…

Sir, please explain the difference between upright and...and...your right arm looks delicious

Bank Guy: I could just raise the draw bridge and be like, pitch to my crocs salesman, they are very hungry
Me: Ya know, you could just go ahead and build a moat around your house now
Bank Guy: Yeah, but then you have to think about foundation problems and I’m not sure what city code is on alligators
Me: You could fill your moat with ravenous koi fish, and then it would be the most adorable danger zone ever

*Snarl*Gnash*Grrrrr*Hissss (Ravenous koi fish totally hiss people)

Bank Guy: Totally. Oh my god definitely.
Me: Lemme know if you need a fence to go with your moat…
Bank Guy: Indeed madam, indeed.

Thumbs up Wells Fargo!! Love your hiring vision!! (this is a stranger's super hairy arm btw)


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2 Responses to Wells Fargo: Bankloads of funny (I heart your tellers)

  1. Told perfectly and with completely appropriate photos! I now fear hissing koi fish.

  2. This is a great story – unless there was a really long line in the bank behind you.

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