CUTE!! With a capital U-HOOT!!

My nephew's feet are amazing. AND LONG. With monkey toes. Fully awesome.

WOWZA, my nephew is GROWING!! And funny and smart and gorgeous!! I just got over a cold, so today was my first day seeing him in about a week. And he was born November 27th. I had no idea, but holy cow 7 days is forever!! Because they do SO MUCH in their first few weeks. He’s already trying to hold his head up, and knows exactly where he wants to hang out when you hold him so if you’ve got him too low he will scale your shoulder like a little cliff climber, or he’ll get mad about diaper changes and cry so it sounds like, “HEY! HEY!”. He looks and smiles now, though his smiles aren’t correlated to anything. AND he has a face he makes when he absolutely does not want something such as his pacifier (which my brother in law likened to the scene in Labyrinth with the door knockers when Sarah tries to put the rings back in and they’re like No! I don’t want it!)

And he’s making choices, which Aunt Jamie discovered today, that include things like “Screw looking at the front door, get me to the Christmas tree!!” and “The green pacifier is not acceptable, get my blue one” and finally, “You’re shhhhhh-ing all wrong lady,

Me & LJE shaking, nay holding, hands on the way to the Mellow Mushroom. With the blue pacifier. Cuz that one's better.

cut it with the strange whistley noise in the shhhh and do it like mom does”. All communicated very mono-syllabically, and effectively with facial redness. I hear you little man, I hear you and compliance navigator. I learned a lot today, and it was the most fun I have ever had in my entire life. Thus, I had to promise my nephew a cousin. I can’t let my favorite little guy get lonely!! And it’s hard to talk to adults about the deeper meanings of things from the viewpoint of your 3 year old mind, so I’ll make a cousin to ensure he doesn’t feel misunderstood by all the grown ups in the family here in the next few years. We shook on it. All the way to the Mellow Mushroom for pizza this afternoon. Twice today his parents had to tell me, “Umm Aunt Jamie, I have to take him now.” To which I responded, “Yes I know, I was just getting him ready for you”. He smells good. And the adorableness is chart shattering. And he’s hilarious. And super chill. I’m pretty sure he’s perfect in every way. It’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship y’all ❤


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6 Responses to CUTE!! With a capital U-HOOT!!

  1. moinla says:

    Love this post! Please relay updates and pictures! He is absolutely adorable. Cannot believe I still haven’t seen him with his eyes open. So much love to all of you…OH!…This is your aunt.

    • Yes, she’s moinla = mother-in-law for commenting on my blog. And I am loving the updates and kicking myself for not being up there yet! Hopefully in the very very near future. I forgot about how particular they are about everything. Because it’s there the whole time, they just figure out how to be a little more clear about it as they learn stuff.

  2. I finally had a chance to meet him last night. He is the most adorable and sweet boy. He did exactly what you posted, wiggled himself into my arm right where he wanted, looked at me as if i should have known he didnt want that green pacifier and then peacefully fell asleep in Rais arms as if she was on the same page. That boy will grow up to do extraordinary things and look good doin’ it!

    • JamieRene says:

      I’m so glad he refused green pacifier with you too LOL, now I don’t feel so alone 😉 I’m also sad we missed you guys last night!! He’s a pretty extraordinary little guy alright, he’s stolen my heart for sure!! Hope you guys are doing wonderfully, congrats on the end of finals, can’t wait to hear more wedding plans, and hugs to you both!!

  3. JamieRene says:

    Moinlaw: I knew it was you!! And I promise updates, I cannot stop gushing about this kiddo!!

    Jell Jell: I promise to give you all the details, and I have an ongoing list of “mom” questions for you and my sis =P We miss you guys fo sho, but lordy, it’s the holidays and with gas prices I can’t blame you for holding off on a road trip!! And thank goodness for the future clearness of needs/demands, interpreting facial redness is tough work!!

    I love you guys!! xoxo

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