Take THAT Heart Hole!! : An adventure on pavement

Fancy pants and running shoes...and my headphones cord. Because it's hard to take a picture of yourself walking.

I’m 11 days on the other side of heart surgery baby, and I jogged for 4 minutes today!! I am so ecstatic!! What seems like ages ago, about 5 minutes after they told me I’d had a stroke, I had a moment of utter clarity that my hatred of running was a delicious choice that I might not always have the ability to make. Therefore, in the ER, I added running shoes (real ones, not Chucks or Saucony’s like I usually buy) to my Christmas list – in all honesty, I was kind of in shock, and this was not what I should have been focused on, but ya know, people get weird when it comes to trauma and whatnot. Aaaannd because I’m me, and cannot wait for major holidays when I decide I want something, I totally bought my running shoes about a week after they released me from the hospital. And they are so pretty.

Unfortunately for yours truly, it takes a ridiculously long time to get over strokes. And don’t be all like, “der” you guys- I was just numb on the left side of my body; I didn’t have any loss of motor function or speech or anything, I was crazy lucky, so you’d think I’d be able to just run around being numb. Let’s answer that with a resounding NOPE. Strokes trauma the crap out of you, and you will never be so tired in your life, unless you’ve had mono or a really bad first trimester, and that’s pretty close to what it’s like. So I slept. And slept. And slept. On the upside, the more sleep I got, the more feeling I got back on my left side. On the down side, I basically couldn’t do anything but sleep and clean my house FOR FORTY DAYS. JEEZY CREEZY. My house looks amazing by the way, which is a huge departure from the way it looked when I worked in social services. Being on call 24-7 jacks with your ability to keep shit clean y’all, just in case you’re considering delving into the madness that is healthcare.

The neighborhood. Lookin' all wintery. Like winter for Texas, not for normal states.

About 3 weeks ago I randomly started looking into the Couch-2-5K program after a friend of mine completed it, and is now

Izzles. Being a good dog.

training for her first marathon. The breakdown and consistency of the goals was super appealing, and clear cut, which I appreciate. Problem is, I wasn’t going from Couch-2-5K, I was going from Hospital Bed-2-5K – soooo I needed a little leeway. I did a few walks before my heart surgery just to give my little body some extra oomph to get me through the recovery process (it’s important to take care of your bods guys, you never know when your body’s going to need to fight back against something while you’re lying completely still – this is where healthy hearts, lungs, and muscles are literally your saving grace). It took me about 4 days to get back on my feet after my heart surgery, and as soon as I could make it around the house for more than 5 minutes, I started dragging my ass outside. Last week was my very first week of consistent walks. I walked 15 minutes, 5 out of 7 days last week, and got to the point where Izzy and I could jog across each street we came to. So proud of me and the Izzles, I need to get my muscles back, she needs to shed the sausage bod she’s got goin’ on. Remember, healthy hearts!!

We're finally gettin' our fall colors around here!!

So today kicked off my first week of the actual Couch-2-5K plan. I did 25 minutes of walking combo’d with 4 minutes of jogging. And it was SO attainable!! Five minute warm-up walk, followed by 20 minutes of alternating 1 minute of jogging with 3 minutes of walking, and I added 5 more minutes of walking onto the end to complete my route home. Thirty minutes you guys!! I didn’t take Izzy this time, because I needed to work out my timing and the changes in my route to accommodate the additional time/distance/speed – but she’ll be back on the road with me in a couple days!! Today’s playlist was a mix of Black Keys, Social D, Beta Band, and 2 Cellos. The weather was gorgeous, my heart was stronger than ever, and I’ve moved beyond hospital bed, beyond couch, to the sound of my feet hitting the road. Seriously, life isn’t just good, it’s spectacular.


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4 Responses to Take THAT Heart Hole!! : An adventure on pavement

  1. I told my SIL you were running already and she was shocked – SHOCKED! That you were up and at ’em so soon! Good girl.

    • JamieRene says:

      Hee hee, thanks!! And tell her I said thanks for the disbelief, it makes me feel a lot tougher than I actually am, and brings me (albeit falsely) closer to my dream of being a badass =P

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