This may be the funniest book I have ever picked up…

You're seeing the potential already aren't you???

I like yarn art, and I continue to grow as an artist. See some recent projects by me and Jelly here. Benjamin says I like the crocheting more than actually having the items I crochet. Which is true, I have about 17 hats that I’ve made, and I only actually wear one of them. I also have 5 scarves, 3 half finished blankets, 2 potholders, and an iPhone cover. And once I made a “Where’s Waldo” scarf and hat for my friend’s boyfriend. ALL PATTERNLESS!! But I’m learning to truly follow patterns now (not freely interpret them), and this is a big new thing for me. Turns out, improvisation doesn’t always work out so well. Anyway – on the recent trip to Half Price Books, I picked up this AMAZINGNESS. I wanted it!! SO BAD!! Benjamin said no, uh-uh, that is not budget-worthy little lady. Even as I collapsed to the floor giggling uncontrollably I knew my pleas would not be heard. But I LOVE IT, so puh-lease buy this for me if you find one!! I NEED IT!! And get yourself a copy, cuz you need one too, we all do.


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3 Responses to This may be the funniest book I have ever picked up…

  1. Everything about this is YES. Yes yes yes yes. Let’s pick a project!

    • JamieRene says:

      I KNOW!! I CANNOT BELIEVE BENJAMIN VETOED THIS!! I am a HUGE fan of Fat Gold Chain and the Camo Socks – and I really really want to make a for reals tie for Benjamin =D

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