Bibliophilia = Hearts Books = Me

Purchased: I love pirates, my cousin Jelly loves vampires - we're sharing this one and it's gonna be HILARIOUS

I am a total bibliomaniac (yes it’s a word) and today, Benjamin and I went to Half Price Books in Lewisville – because Benjamin had never been to one. “What!?!” (I know you’re saying this, because that’s what I said) Benjamin is one of those privileged few who grew up getting his used literatures from Recycled Books in Denton, and had never really ventured outside that to “regular people” used book stores. It’s okay to whisper book snob behind his back, I do.

Anyways!! This particular store had some HILARIOUS vintage titles stacked up front, and I was crackin’ up!! Benjamin stuck around with me makin’ all the noise, but busied himself with the instructional manuals shelf.  I have some concerns about Miss Ingrid (shown below) and her Erogenous Combat, by the way. Her book was in the Psychology section, and I think she’s suppressing some latent sado-masochistic tendencies. She needs to stop projecting and look inside herself for the answers, that’s the only way to heal Ingrid, the only way to heal. Ooooo!! And I stumbled upon a couple organizational choices from my friends at Lewisville Half Price Books that made me say, “Well done sirs and madams!! I like your creativity and placement!!”

I did actually buy some books too y’all, I don’t just run around in bookstores, giggling, snorting and taking pictures of things that don’t belong to me. I’m a responsible citizen, who likes to buy prezzies for herself, right before Christmas…uhhh…Hey! I’m gonna do reviews on these new reads!! If you get anxious about one of today’s purchases, let me know in the comments and I’ll bump it up on the list! If you’ve already snagged one of these gems, lemme hear your thoughts!! Here is today’s selection ladies and gentlebeans:


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