Ben bought me a Megalodon tooth!!

This thing BIT a DINOSAUR!!

OooOooOOOOoooOOOOO!! I have wanted one of these FOREVER!! (Translate – since I was about 6 years old). I love dinosaurs, and fossils, and SHARKS. Specifically sharks. I have been a devout viewer of Shark Week since 1991. And I still hold a deep-seated affinity for the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. In fact, I once got to remotely pilot an undersea rover thingy from there in the 7th grade as a reward for being the nerdy kid in my class. ALSO, I have been to Fossil Rim Wildlife Reserve, and wrote my first poem ever there in the 8th grade about the wild grasses and standing in dinosaur footprints.

My. Whole. Hand. Y'All.

I never had anyone but my Dad to talk about dino-fanaticism with until I met  my Benjamin, who also loved dinos as a kid and even walked on his toes for a period of time after discovering that the ‘saurs did and we don’t (and he still does this sometimes if he’s in the house barefoot, not because he’s thinking about dinos, but because he did it for such a long time as a kid – adorable). And honestly we haven’t even really had an opportunity to get into the blood’n’guts of my Mesozoic obsession in the course of our relationship, so it just  completely blew me away that he would randomly snag such a coveted item for me. My very own mega-shark tooth. Because he gets me. That’s love. For reals.

And check this out!! Megalodon was a bad mofo!!

Bonjour puny human. Fear me. Mwahahahaha!!

That one on top? The gray one? That’s the estimated maximum size of a Megalodon shark. The second one, Mr. Red, is the conservative estimate for a Mega-shark. They’re followed by the purple dude, which is representative of the size of a Whale Shark – the largest living fish species alive on our planet today folks. The little green one is the overly-dramatized-by-cinema Great White Shark. WHOA. He’s so tiny!! He would be the chicken in a Mega-Shark Turducken, yes he would. And Mr. Puny Human down there?? Not even a blip on Megalodon’s radar, he could get jammed in that big ol’ shark nostril and not even register. AWESOME SAUCE.

And just in case you’re not utterly convinced by my deeply scientific proof of Megalodon’s cool-dude-carte-blanche, here’s some educational tidbits from a guy who actually has a doctoral degree – Wikipedia:Megalodon by Dr. Sengai Podhuvan

Can’t wait ’til next year’s Shark Week can you??? =D


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3 Responses to Ben bought me a Megalodon tooth!!

  1. THANK YOU for that amazing description of a Megalodon shark, of which, heretofore, I had known nothing about. Your chart and explanation made my day, ladycake!

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