So new, so shiny!!

Hi, so I have a blog space of my very own now, aaaaaaannd it kinda feels like a giant ,blank, completely unrolled block of butcher paper. I think I like it, I’ve always loved brand new notebooks, and this is digitally synonymous. Be prepared for more random musings than you may find on my weekly “Confessions from my Cousin” guest posts on I’ll Sleep When They’re Grown blog (which belongs to my cousin Jelly by the way, and would be my favorite blog even if she didn’t let me scribble notes on it). So yeah, I guess you might want to know some stuff about me, so here’s some randoms:

I think 5 eyes is a good look for me...

1. I cannot refuse a cupcake
2. I think the phrase “slow your roll” is hilarious
3. I’m a big fan of weapons and things that blow up
4. I am not a fan of wearing pants
5. Animals and kids are adorable, even imaginary ones, and I kinda want a Heffalump
6. I’m terrified of Oompa Loompas (the 70’s ones, not the new ones – orange is a bad color for people)
7. My deepest ambition is to be a badass
8. My second deepest ambition is to be a mom, which falls into the badass category
9. I don’t meditate, I cook
10. I have hit pretend-shop-aholic rock-bottom, I have internet shopping carts just full of things I can’t afford and will never buy
11. I had a stroke, and heart surgery, and that shit is LIFE CHANGING, in the best way possible
12. I can do a jedi mind trick that makes people get out of my lane on the highway
13. Avoidance is one of my favorite behaviors
14. I can say Thank You in seven different languages
15. I experience severe separation anxiety when at a distance greater than 36″ from my MacBook, and no you can’t touch it
16. I have ADD, please don’t take offense when I interrupt you, I’m very easy to redirect (it comes with the territory)
17. If I’m outside, I’m happy. Period.
18. I love and live with a very handsome, fuzzy, funny guy named Benjamin. And our two dogs. And our two cats. It’s alot.
19. I rescue cats, dogs, spiders, reptiles, birds, amphibians, and anything I deem as helpless – Benjamin says I am not allowed to take a class on dressing wounds and wildlife rehabilitation. He also says if I want another animal, then someone has to move out, and it will probably be me. I like it here, so I’m thinking we’ll stick with the four we’ve got for now.
22. For other stuff Benjamin and I say to each other, you can go here
20. I used to think that wearing matching socks was bad luck
21. It is impossible for me to hit or catch a baseball
23. I heart Al Green
24. I was in my 20’s before I realized my mom made a lot of shit up just to get me to do stuff I didn’t want to do when I was a kid (such as eating the crust on my sandwiches)
25. Nothing on Earth is better than being with my family, and nothing is louder, and they are my heart and soul


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